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Focused on helping you define - and deliver - the path forward

In a challenging—and constantly changing—landscape of disruption, business leaders have a lot on their minds.


We can help with that. Whether it’s driving results through data, innovating the customer experience, or getting a grip on the cloud, we also know that to be successful in digital transformation means focusing not only on technology but on new ways of working. Understanding the digital space and preparing for what’s next is at our core.
We help clients reimagine how profits are made, and how relationships are created and managed. We reshape how work gets done, and rewire the competitive fabric of entire industries, helping you not only sense—but shape—the future and propel your business forward.

    Digital Customer Experience Solutions

    Deloitte Digital is passionate and focused on helping clients tackle their most complex challenges with Salesforce technology. Learn how we help clients innovate, improve user experience, and maximize the value from customer operations by harnessing the breadth and depth of our digital capabilities.

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    • Agile Implementation & Development

      Deloitte Digital uses an empirical method to embrace change in the business environment and technology landscape of their clients. To achieve desired project results, an own project method for software developments has been created called ‘EVD for Agile’, which focuses on delivering value to clients quickly.

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    • Customer Centric Solutions

      Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It offers cloud-based applications for sales, service and marketing for small, midsize and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support. It brings together all customer information in a single, integrated and scalable platform that enables businesses to build a customer- centered business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis. This gives businesses a more complete understanding of their customers to drive business success.

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    • Salesforce Fullforce Industry Solutions

      Salesforce and Deloitte Digital offer stunning solutions for businesses in several industries. Reimagine your omni-channel retail experience, transform your business operations, increase partner loyalty and efficiency and deepen your account insights. Salesforce and Deloitte Digital offer collaboration and integration solutions designed to your unique industry needs.

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    • Sales & Marketing Automation

      We help to automate your business processes using Salesforce platform technologies like Workflows, Process Builder, Approval Rules as well as Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence)
      When it comes to robotic process automation (RPA) we support in requirement analysis, software selection and implementation

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    • Platform Services

      The Salesforce Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a wide range of capabilities for building custom business applications. These include:

      – Lightning Framework

      – Artificial Intelligence with Einstein

      – Mobile SDK

      – Integration services (APIs)

      – Identity management

      – IoT Framework

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    • Einstein Analytics

      Salesforce Einstein Analytics enables you to analyze millions of data combinations within in minutes. Analytics provides AI-based answers, explanations, and recommendations so that you not only know what happened but also why – and what you should do next. Salesforce provides Einstein Analytics for Sales, Service, and Marketing as well as a “stand-alone” platform for all kinds of data.

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    Digital Core Technologies

    We provide a broad spectrum of technology expertise, development services and solutions to our clients and partners to help them to overcome their biggest challenges in today's fast-paced environment.

    • Application Development

      Every business is unique. We build with our expert resources tailor-made software and web solutions to meet the most challenging business and customer needs.

    • Proof of Concept

      Sophisticated technology solutions require significant investment. Regardless if it is VR/AR, IoT or an IT solution, we help mid-size to large companies to explore the application of cutting edge technology to solve real business challenges and to get past the proof-of-concept stage before making any larger investments.

    • Software Revitalization

      We give software solutions a fresh start and prepare them for new challenges. We provide support with the analysis, planning and execution of migration of old custom made and standard solutions into modern maintainable stack and find the right technology stack that fits the business needs.

    • IT and Code Reviews

      Do you manage the risks of your digital products? We make sure that products will not become a technological debt with security code reviews, configuration review or a review of deployment processes.

    • Front-End and Back-End Development

      We bring design, user experience, and functionality together to build websites that put your customers first. Our team also ensures that your website meets exactly your needs and expectations. We built your customized website feature as well as taking care of your website security architecture.

    Digital Experience

    Create best in class seamless and authentic brand experiences across all business functions and on every channel.

    • Customer Experience Design

      Demonstrates the need to understand customers or users and their true behavior, ambitions and goals. By working with the principles of design thinking we can see client’s challenges differently and discover new strategic opportunities to engage with our clients and help them to better serve their business brand and customers.

    • Digital Marketing & Content

      Whether you are looking for a complete digital marketing campaign, or just some specialists to support with SEO, we can help! We design and deliver digital marketing campaigns from scratch, stand-alone or in sync with classic campaigns.

      Our Deloitte Digital Studio and team of experts will make your campaign a success, from PPCs and SEO to content marketing.

      • Digital Marketing strategies
      • Channel strategies
      • Social media strategies
      • Content strategies
      • Campaign and banner creation (display, mobile, social, … )
      • Media planning
      • Search engine marketing (SEO & SEA)
      • Newsletter marketing

    • eCommerce & Digital Platforms

      We design holistic digital engagement architectures and deliver scalable platforms that drive more sales by providing customers with a seamless, omni-channel shopping experience.

      • Wireframes & prototyping
      • Information architecture
      • User interface design
      • Responsive websites
      • CMS implementation
      • Systems integration

    • Digital Brand & Design

      We helps companies to build brands and shape reputations. We back that up with our industry expertise and with our digital services.

      • Brand development & branding
      • Corporate design (online & offline)
      • Style-guides and brand manuals
      • UI & UX design

    Digital Transformation

    Digital is transforming every business and touches every client and employee in a unique way. Understanding the digital space and preparing for what’s next is at our core. We help our clients reimagine how profits are made and how relationships are created. We reshape how work gets done.

    • Digital Readiness, Digital Vision & Digital Strategy

      Growing connectivity, competition and customer power fosters now engagements, new products, new business models, organizations and ecosystems. We identify the digital status-quo of organizations through in-depth discovery and understanding of opportunities to put them in context. A strategically appropriate response to business conditions and customer needs shapes next steps and prioritizes commitments. By mapping of capabilities, we come up with a clear set of actions driving your digital journey forward.

    • Ideation, Innovation & Design Thinking

      An initial idea can be the spark to skyrocket your product or service. Now its all about bringing it to life. We can help you to provide the foundation for a successful idea implementation. No matter in which stage you are, we will guide you with innovative and creative methods to further develop your offering and challenge the idea with key stakeholders. Ranging from innovation workshops to ideation and design thinking sprints, we are sure that we can offer you the impulse that fits your needs and foster an innovative culture.

    • Business Model Development

      Thinking about creating a new digital business or product? We help you to structure and develop your business idea with state of the art methods because a well defined business model is crucial to ensure long term success. Our digital business experts provide you with best practices, challenge and enrich the initial idea with new revenue streams, marketing impulses, organizational requirements and insights. Together we research, define and run your business, having a common vision and roadmap in mind. Let’s start today!

    • Agile Project Management

      With our project management & governance offerings, we are using agile methods, where appropriate, establish a plan of execution, set milestones, scope and commit resources to meet agreed-upon expectations. By combining project management with change management methods smooth transactions with minimal disruption to the business can be established.

    • Agile Requirements Engineering

      Implementing a new software or replacing an old system can be a a tough project, when the evaluation is not driven by actual business cases and users. That’s why we are offering our agile requirements engineering, that helps you to evalute complex requirements even in big organisation and international teams. Our approach maps business and user needs and brings them together in a central story map. The map acts as basis for selecting a standard software vendor or developing your own solution and stay on track with your software rollout.

    • Software Vendor Selection

      The software solution landscape is constantly growing. CRM and Marketing Automation are just two examples of a modern technology stack. Therefore picking the solution and vendor that can support your business the right way, is key. But how to assess solutions in a neutral way? Deloitte provides you with an independent vendor selection approach. With agile requirements engineering we define user needs and rank relevant software providers together with you. Not sure about the solution provider yet? What about a hackathon, where providers can demonstrate their capabilities.

    • Digital Process Optimization

      Value creation by exploiting points of inefficiencies and digitization of processes and infrastructure. Deliver digital innovations through products and services, campaigns and brand experiences, business models , monetization mechanism and value creating ecosystems.

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