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Get Data Driven Insights for every line of business

Get data-driven insights and take action with Einstein Analytics solutions for every line of business.

For years, millions of Data Analysts have leveraged out of the box operational reports and dashboards to quickly look up their data, understand performance and communicate results. However, with the amount of customer data volume growing exponentially every day, exploring data manually has become a bigger challenge, and analytics has become more important than ever before. It is impossible for anyone to spot every trend, understand every correlation or test every hypothesis by manual data exploration alone. To address this challenge, Salesforce launched of Einstein Analytics so millions of CRM users will be able to utilize advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Now companies have a way to empower their sales reps, service agents, marketers and analysts with the insights they need to make every customer interaction smarter, without having to build mathematical models, write algorithms or ask an expert for help.


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Data Analytics / Einstein Analytics

In den nächsten Jahren sollen mehr als 75 Milliarden Geräte miteinander verbunden sein. Die dadurch erzeugte Menge an Interaktionen ist durch eine manuelle Analyse nicht mehr fassbar. Gemeinsamen mit unseren Kunden entwickeln wir smarte Lösungsansätze, die aus dem Daten-Grundrauschen jene Signale identifizieren, die für Ihr Business wirklich relevant sind. Servicemitarbeiter werden über drohenden Ausfälle von Maschinen beim Kunden informiert, Call Center Mitarbeiter bekommen automatisch die besten Lösungsvorschläge für bestimmte Kundencases, Marketing Interaktionen werden auf Interessensebene personalisiert und je nach Verhalten weiter angepasst.

Greifen Sie für die Interaktion mit Ihren Kunden auf eine Vielzahl von Datenquellen zurück. Mit Salesforce Einstein haben Sie alle Optionen:


– Analysieren Sie große Datenmengen ins Sekunden

– Vernetzen Sie unterschiedlichste Datenquellen

– Arbeiten Sie mit aktuellen Datenständen auf allen Geräten

– Erhalten Sie kontextbasierte Vorschläge durch unsere KI

– Greifen Sie auf fundierte Vorhersagen basierend auf Ihren Daten zurück

– Nutzen Sie Apps zur Visualisierung Ihrer Daten

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Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for

Connected Applications
no more waiting for IT to install hardware and optimize software before you can ask questions or take action. With Salesforce as your CRM, analytics is built into your data.

Act at the point of insight.
Now when you find an answer, you can quickly take the next step with built-in tools called Einstein Actions. Create a task, update a record, share insights, and more — without waiting around for legacy technology or data analysis.

Get out-of-the-box analytics.
No more hardware hiccups and untimely software updates. Einstein Analytics is reliable, convenient, and gets up and running much more quickly than traditional solutions.

Collaborate in context.
Give your employees and partners a consistent view of data and access to new insights. Embed dashboards across the Customer Success Platform with Einstein Analytics — from Sales Cloud to Service Cloud to Community Cloud.

Secure your data.
Over 150,000 businesses trust Salesforce to safeguard their data in the cloud, so you and your entire team can confidently and safely collaborate on any type of device, including Android and iOS.

Get analytics that updates with your data stream.
Get data analysis directly from Salesforce — or any other data source — from across your business. Now you can instantly explore information, find insights, and take actions that help your whole team move forward.

Service Analytics
Help your whole team deliver better service by giving agents a 360-degree view of customers with Service Analytics — easily track case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimization on a single dashboard embedded right into the Lightning Console.

Einstein Analytics Platform
Build custom analytics applications to solve issues for any company, in any industry. Discover and implement partner apps built on the platform that are already saving businesses time and money.

Get AI-driven sales, service, and marketing insights.
Automatically analyze millions of data combinations in minutes with Einstein Discovery — uncover answers to key business questions without writing algorithms.

Automatically uncover relevant explanations and recommendations.
Get the data analysis software that helps you understand what’s happening, why it is happening, and what to do about it. Einstein Discovery finds underlying causes for changes in your business and even guides you to the next questions you should be asking.

Use one-click storytelling to generate presentations.
Communicate findings quickly with auto-generated slide presentations containing visualizations and talking points, so you’re not stuck navigating complex business analysis software.

Use intelligent analytics on the Salesforce Platform.
Salesforce users can now access AI-powered insights and recommendations right where they work, within Sales Cloud or Service Cloud and on any device.

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