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From Attention to Engagement to creating new business by listening to your customers, understanding relevant marketing means and applying a performance driven marketing approach to create the perfect customer journey.


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SEO Agency

Search engine traffic is one of the most valuable and sustainable forms of traffic you can get on your website: People are searching for a specific topic and your service will is the answer of their inquiry. Pretty much the most convenient way to match the offer demand scenario.

However, SEO traffic isn’t something you get without taking care of it. As an SEO-Agency, we have developed a solid framework that helps our customers to set up your individualized SEO strategy, define topics relevant to your customer and enable site visitors to interact on your site fast and in a user-friendly way.

SEO Analysis

Combining on-page and offpage factors our analysis gives you a good impression on where to start with your SEO roadmap and which factors do have the most impact for your business. The analysis does not only include technical aspects like load times, index management and so on, but also cares about your content architecture and content production at all.

Content Strategy

Based on the initial SEO analysis we provide you with a clear content strategy and article outlines that serve as briefings for your content production or can be produced by our team to support you with relevant content for your target group. A constant monitoring ensures that content is still relevant, up to date and uncovers areas where extending an article or focusing on a specific topic would make sense from a business perspective.

SEO Trainings, SEO Monitoring

SEO is not something you do once or in one department, it is an attitude of customer focus and relevance that should be spread in the whole company. Our SEO Experts provide you with SEO trainings and regular reportings so that you can define, where to grow together next.

Benefits of SEO with Deloitte Digital:

  • A solid SEO strategy
  • Regular analysis to be sure that users and Google love your site
  • A content framework with a SEO DNA
  • Constant monitoring of your company and your competition
  • Sustainable and scalable content and performance
  • Experts that can support you in your SEO and marketing journey

Starting with your SEO Strategy

Get in contact with our experts and start with and intial analysis to figure out where to head next in your SEO journey. You already have a plan about your SEO roadmap but need additional support or opinions? Let’s get in contact.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Every now and then companies struggle with low conversion rates. The optimization of conversion rates is key to drive revenue and thus critical to have an eye on. But what exactly are conversion rates and what do I need them for? The conversion rate is calculated as the number of the website´s goal completions, such as the order of a product, divided by the website traffic. The rates are critical to closely be observed to ensure a better return on investment and ongoing sales growth triggered by customer satisfaction. Apart from that, a company´s website should be constantly taken care of as it has a major effect on the company´s external appearance.

Improving CRO and its Challenges

Marketers stand in front of many challenges when trying to improve the conversion rate. Why is our competitor’s conversion rate suddenly higher than ours? This could mean that your company has missed many opportunities to attract customers. However, a common misunderstanding is that a low conversion rate can be purely cured by changing CRO strategies. It takes indeed much more than that. You need to get a big picture in order not to wander in the dark. The point being, one must look at the conversion funnel, remove user obstacles to boost traffic and constantly update important content – happily, the same principles for search engine optimization apply to CRO. Furthermore, the website must appear trustworthy to users and should be easy to use.

Some Marketers might have a clear picture of a plan to boost traffic and acquire more customers, but forget to align it with the company´s target group. Certainly, attracting new visitors is favorable, but one should also draw attention to valuable recurring visitors. It is in fact much more cost efficient to attract those. But do the acquired customers fit to the overall strategy? Do I have enough information about my target customer? Are we pushing the right keywords? Deloitte Digital experts can answer all those questions and guide you through the processes, ranging from creating an optimization strategy, to implementing the plan. With our help, you will achieve an optimized conversion rate management.

Benefits of a Conversion Rate Workshop

  • Outline and revise the company´s overall conversion rate strategy
  • Optimize conversion funnel
  • Get a clear picture on your target customer
  • Set up a conversion rate optimization control tool
  • Receiving expert feedback and insight on main comparable projects
  • Open discussion distant from daily business
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Google Ads Agency

You have a fantastic website and a great product but the traffic on the website and the product revenue does not reflect your quality? This could be connected to a small reach of audience.

Google Ads is a smart solution to support traffic generation and expand your audience. It helps not only to target search queries on but also makes use of one of the largest display networks in the world and in the Austrian market.

At Deloitte Digital we support you by setting up personalized campaign strategies and accounts, optimization and testing of the ad performance as well as budget allocation, constant campaign performance reevaluations and enhancement of performance metrics by optimizing landing pages and user experience.

Google Ads Campaign setup or audit

Based on your specific goals we design a tailored concept for your account structure, campaigns, ad groups and keyword strategy. Performance forecasts give you a first impression of what to expect from your first campaigns.

You already have an account but you want to further optimize your marketing activities? We are happy to help you with our Google Ads Audit, in which we do not only review your current setup but also provide recommended actions.

Campaign management

After the initial setup, we scale your campaign and constantly add new assets to the setup to further increase performance. Certainly, we also take care of existing campaigns.

Testing and optimizing based on past performance is the key to success in online Marketing with Google Ads. To enable information based decision-making we provide recommendations based on data analytics. Furthermore, we highlight the respective business relevance as well as the impact of these changes on your brand value and sales.

Paid Media certainly is an investment and therefore we want you to select the right campaigns and channels. No matter if branding, search, shopping or video, our experts support you in identifying the right solution for you and maximize your return of this investment.

Not only do we manage your campaign but we also design creatives and texts to support you by addressing your customers in the best possible way. To do so we use a variety of different advertisement types. The two most popular are:

Google Search Ads

Classic search and shopping ads to catch users while they are searching for the products you offer.

Google Display Network Ads

Makes use of Googles Display Network to reach around 90% of all internet users. The network helps to promote your brand or remarket a target group that has already shown interest in your product.

Benefits of Google Ads

There are numerous reasons for implementing Google Ads in your marketing activities:

  • Good targeting options that can be combined in many ways
  • Great reach in Austria not only in display but also in search
  • Nice reporting to see what really works
  • Make use of the moment where people search for similar topics
  • Control your budget and investments
  • Scale fast while working on your SEO strategy
  • Measure conversions and calculate the roi of your marketing efforts
  • Spread your brand message in an easy way

Starting with Google Ads

We would be delighted to talk to you about the possibilities to scale your marketing in a data driven way and increase your customer base together with Google Ads and Deloitte Digital.

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