Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the best ways to scale your marketing processes while being relevant, personal and present at the right point in time. It cannot only help to save time, but also to drastically grow the sales pipeline.


Marketing Automation Strategy

Before one starts thinking about tool features and interfaces, one should be clear about the processes, the clients and their needs during specific phases in the customer journey. Mapping existing content and offerings with the customer journey gives you a first impression on where to start with marketing automation and where you need to grow traffic, create better content or receive more insights first.


Marketing Automation Tool Implementation

Now that you have outlined a Strategy, the implementation phase starts. But how do you implement a Marketing Automation Software? Do you have a person with the right skill set in your Marketing team that can contribute to this project? What are typical pitfalls? Deloitte Digital provides the answers: a team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot experts can give you guidance at every step of the implementation phase.


B2B and B2C Marketing Automation

Deloitte Digital offers both, a B2B and B2C Marketing Automation software. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution you can engage both with customers and businesses. The system is AI-based and can give you optimal recommendations on new target groups. Moreover, the system provides various channels and brand interaction touchpoints to assure ongoing interaction with your customers. Also, you can make sure that all your actions are streamlined and the integrated pre-built templates will make the marketers life a lot easier and increases the marketing teams´s efficiency.


With Pardot, on the other hand, you can entirely focus in B2B.  In B2B Marketing Automation the focus is, unlike in B2C, not so much on personalized content and experience, but on user education and value generation for leads. Indeed, B2B Marketing Automation, it is a great solution that not only gives you useful insights on effective lead generation and streamlined lead management, but also aligns marketing and sales teams. Furthermore, the system provides you with an analysis on key performance indicators such as the return on marketing spends. Above all, both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot can support your team with effective and efficient E-mail marketing by offering i.e. pre-built templates and drastically increase the conversion rate.


Benefits of a Marketing Automation Workshop:

  • Get a clear picture on your customers
  • Find the right person on the customer side who helps set up the Marketing Automation system
  • Insights on produced content and filter useful ideas that could be provided to the customer in specific stages
  • Developing a marketing automation common strategy with ideas that align with your company goals
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As the largest Salesforce implementation partner in Austria, Deloitte Digital, with approximately 20 certified Salesforce experts, supports companies in concept development, implementation and ongoing support of the B2B marketing automation software Pardot.

Why Pardot?

  • Pardot is a user-friendly system, that can be easily adapted to the company. In addition, dynamic content, e-mail templates, personalization strings and customer profiling can create a high degree of personalization. These numerous functionalities simplify marketing campaign management.
  • The system enables a best possible use of the Lead Funnel. Web page readers can easily be tracked, even before they have registered. In addition, it offers social media, webinar and Google Adwords tracking, which analyzes respective interests and needs. Due to the deep customer impression, leads can be sorted according to relevance (lead grading) and the important ones can be directly communicated to. As a result, it is easier to pursue progressive profiling and to establish a profitable and sustainable customer relationship.
  • On top of that, Pardot in combination with Salesforce, optimizes the communication between marketing and the sales team. While marketing discovers qualified leads, the sales team can take this information from Pardot and close deals in record time. Moreover, the system provides transparency for both sides and tracks any interactions. For example, it also calculates how much marketing accounts for in product sales and stores it in the marketing cloud.

How can Deloitte help to take advantage of all the benefits?

  • To take full advantage of the B2B Marketing Automation software, Deloitte Digital as a Pardot Partner, ensures that the necessary technical basis is set. To ensure that, the first few workshops will be dedicated to the needs and requests of the clients. As a next step, the team of experts creates together with the client the Pardot concept and strategy. A customer journey can here help to better understand the customer’s point of view. On top of that, KPIs will be determined to monitor the progress. Right before and during the implementation of Pardot, Deloitte Digital supports the creation and the processes, the system configuration and the ongoing system support. In addition, Deloitte Digital consults on issues such as lead and campaign management and offers Pardot training for your employees.
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Roland Lindner
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Marketing Excellence Workshop

Marketing and sales is constantly investing more time, energy and budget to reach the company’s goal. While monitoring media spends and using analytics to increase performance is common nowadays, the perspective of the marketing and sales team´s joint performance and collaboration is often neglected. Let us change that and focus on the most important value driver: Your team.

Improve your Marketing Team Performance

Based on the experience with many different sales and marketing teams, Deloitte Digital has developed a format that allows teams to elaborate on the  current marketing vision. It allows you to not only uncover hidden problems and challenges, but also strengthen the alignment in the team and the interpretation of a company´s goals and vision. We help you and your team to remove problems and move forward.

Current challenges in Marketing

Process problems arise quite often. Sometimes analytics data is not available in the team, people are missing feedback, file systems are chaotic and knowledge management is not done right. Moreover, have you ever thought about the negative effects on team motivation and overall team performance caused by these seemingly little problems? Therefore, “Current challenges” should be one of the most important blocks of your Marketing Excellence Workshop. It then has the power to transform the way your team works in the future.

A Common Vision for Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing a specific task and its goal? Of course, you did. Nevertheless, you might also know situations when processes become routines, there is limited time for feedback and not well thought through requests, e.g. “We have to create 3-5 blog-posts every week, because we decided so.”

This illustrates an example where marketing is unfortunately done for the sake of marketing only. Therefore, one should ask itself the W-questions such as:“What is the real goal behind my tasks?” and “Who on the team could help me spread the word or provide additional information and support that helps me to reach that goal?” Bringing the common vision to life is key for/to a healthy and performing team.

These are two examples that demonstrate the importance of constantly working on your team experience rewards one with becoming an excellent marketing team. Request more information today and benefit from this works.

Benefits of a Marketing & Sales Excellence Workshop:

  • Teambuilding driven by your company´s vision
  • Developing a good understanding of the current challenges and their origin
  • Creating a common strategy with ideas that really support your company goals
  • Providing expert feedback and insight on main marketing projects
  • Developing ideas on teamwork and take / talk about subsequent next steps
  • Discussion about ideas, ignored in daily business
  • Benefit from Quick-wins that motivate your team as they see results fast

Want to make your marketing team performance even better?

We would love to help you to bring your marketing team to the next level with our Marketing Excellence Workshop. Get in touch today!

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