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Deloitte Digitals Industry Accelerators offer processes and capabilities tailored to match industry requirements

Built on the Salesforce CRM and Force platform, Deloitte Digital has created pre-configured industry accelerators that enable clients to rapidly create capabilities across a number of important use cases.


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Cloud4M - The manufacturing solution

Today, the global manufacturing industry is going through intense changes.

Globalization. Companies source products and parts from all over the globe and serve customers in just as many far-off regions. This new, interconnected society, has led to increased competition, service innovation and geographic expansion.

Speed. The pace of business and change is increasing. New products are released every year, making old technologies that we used to rely on out-of-date. It has brought not only more competition and faster innovation cycles, but also lean operations and faster time to value.

These changes and disruptions, are centred on the following four phenomenons:

Connectivity: We are connected to more people, places and things than ever before, the customer is fully empowered and multi-channel access is expected by customers and partners. This connectivity will be able to solve complex problems by integrating everything together.

Connected Products: Machine to machine communication has created opportunities in manufacturing to connect to our products anytime and anywhere. But it has also increased expectations on how we connect and how we engage with our end user based on the big data flow originating from products.


These disruptions have brought an inevitable need for greater, more complex coordination among the various players. To address these challenges, Deloitte Digital has developed Cloud4M, a tailored accelerator for manufacturing companies using Salesforce technology. It combines the industry leading practices and Salesforce experience from Deloitte to provide an online & mobile solution for Sales, Service and Marketing teams. With Cloud4M, Deloitte has prebuilt the industry standard. Cloud4M provides a strong baseline for customer transformation projects, while having a large impact on the speed of innovation, realization, adoption and business results. Cloud4M is a preconfigured solution on the Sales, Service, Marketing, Field Service & Analytics Cloud.

Capability Lead
Christian Eichhorn MAS MBA
Manager Consulting
Capability Lead
Salim Sayimer
Senior Manager Consulting
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FastChem - Accelerator for the chemical industry

Focusing on sales and service, FastChem accelerates our customers in the chemical industry achieving these business objectives and striving for digital maturity.

Focus on Accounts and Markets

  • Account planning and steering through the year
  • Target demands in markets and by products


Efficient Sample Handling

  • Easy product sampling process incl. follow-up: Flexible connection to existing business environment
  • Integrating partners without need for CRM licenses

Deloitte’s project experience and best practices provide a head start for CRM projects and advantage in facing industry’s common challenges

Tailored Sales Processes

  • Pre-configured sales processes to support commodity and specialty business
  • Easy business renewal and flexible handling of multiple units of measurement

Business Insights at your Fingertips

  • Standardized reporting in your company’s currency and base unit of measurement
  • Overview of customer pricing and conditions


Capability Lead
Marcus Riedler
Director Consulting
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Digital Bank - The solution suite for the financial industry

A pre-configured banking solution by Deloitte Digital that extends the functionality of Salesforce’s Cloud Products. The accelerator is designed to rapidly create and enhance customer value for retail and commercial banks. Wow customers with personalized multi-channel customer engagement across frictionless banking processes.

Know customers better than ever through Deloitte Digital’s 720 B2B and B2C single customer view. Make it easy for your customers through digitized core banking processes – e.g fully mobile onboarding process enabled by exponential technologies. Earn customer’s trust through multi-factor secured cloud banking platforms with built in regulatory support Benefits


1. Access a 720° Customer View (extension of the Salesforce data model)
2. Digitalize client interaction processes (onboarding, appointment, digital signature, cobrowse, chatbot..)
3. Enable core banking processes through Salesforce eco-system (credit origination,…)
4. Engage with customers (feedback, social interactions, NBA/NBO, educate,..)
5. Support regulatory requirements (MiFID II,..)

Capability Lead
Marcus Riedler
Director Consulting
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RetailMe - The retail turnkey solution

RetailMe is a Salesforce powered digital ‘mobile-first’ commerce solution that provides consumers with immersive & personalized in-store shopping experiences, while also improving in-store associate productivity and operations. A next-generation Retail model RetailMe is turnkey solution that we can take to Clients to show how Salesforce platforms can come together to solve today’s most pressing issues in retail such as omnichannel customer experience and in-store inventory visibility Vehicle for Accelerated Delivery. RetailMe, built using Deloitte’s leading software development methodologies, will serve as a prototype to showcase pre-built integrations of Commerce Cloud with other Salesforce platforms

thereby supporting rapid development and faster speed-to-market Practice Development. RetailMe is part of Deloitte’s commitment to growing our practice by giving practitioners a hands-on opportunity to work on a turnkey solution prior to working on a live project. RetailMe is created using a synergy of Salesforce cloud platforms that will allow retail stores to stay competitive in a world of online and mobile retail. Using internet of things, RetailMe elevates the customer experience during their path to purchase and closes the gap between consumers’ digital behaviors and the retailers’ ability to deliver at the right time and place.

Capability Lead
Salim Sayimer
Senior Manager Consulting
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Other Industry and Cloud Offerings
  • AdvisorConnect is a Fullforce-certified solution, and the first accelerator to be built on the Financial Services Cloud. It can be used for pre-sales, sales & post-sales, and incorporates extensive capabilities necessary for wealth management insurance customers, as well as covering a range of user journeys (agent, advisor, service rep, call center agent, …).
  • AdApp is a custom template based on good practice sales and order booking processes built for the Media advertising sales industry.
  • AssetApp is a accelerator that helps drive better Distribution Platform strategy and execution. It integrates the multi-channel application, data architecture and reporting and analytic components that our Asset Management clients require to compete in the market. The application is a pre-configured solution which incorporated best practices and insights from multiple client implementations.
  • businessCONNECT is one such cloud-based platform that is helping states realize the value of a digital engagement solution, particularly in the realm of licensing and permitting.
  • CareCONNECT – Deloitte’s accelerator for healthcare providers. Built on top of the Salesforce platform, Care Connect helps provider organizations attract, retain and engage patients to maximize value.
  • ChangeScout is a cloud-based solution built on the platform that acts as the integrated user interface for all change-related activities, providing project teams with a holistic view of the change effort. It was built externally and acquired by Deloitte to sell to our clients as a services enabler. The solution is ISV certified and listed on the AppExchange as a product.
  • citizenCONNECT is a centralized digital platform designed around the constituent not only unlocks the power of cloud, social, and mobile to better understand and address the current and future needs of citizens, but also allows governments to reduce the inefficiencies and costs associated with traditional models of public service.
  • ConnectMe aligns HR service delivery around the circumstances and preferences of its users, creating meaningful interactions between the HR organization and the employees and managers it serves. ConnectMe combines an organization’s disparate HC technologies and processes into a unified, personalized and contextualized experience for individual users, all in the service of one goal: To make interacting with HR easy and intuitive.
  • EngageMe is Deloitte Digital’s new engagement accelerator. EngageMe integrates with the new Marketing Cloud to increase engagement and deepen relationships with audiences across responsive email, web and mobile apps. It quickly accelerates discovery, design and build phases for client projects that want to achieve similar goals.
  • Maestro manages the typical business complexity of industries such as Telco and Media, leading users through an optimised process path to maximise efficiency, accelerate adoption and reduce operational rework
  • MemberCONNECT solution is designed to help insurance providers more effectively attract, acquire, serve and engage customers with a goal of increasing sales, and improving experience and customer retention. It consists of a comprehensive Digital Engagement Platform, built on Through 56 discrete solution capabilities across the entire member lifecycle, our solution significantly accelerates efforts to improve the member experience by providing best-practice based functionality out of the box.
  • MRM accelerator solution helps reduce the time to deploy a campaign planning, budgeting, and reporting solution supporting marketing and finance organizations.
  • PatientCONNECT for Life Sciences – Comprehensive patient services and care management platform for life sciences organizations
  • Pocketsales is an award winning and FullForce certified solution focused on field sales and service visit execution in the Consumer Business industry. It enables improved productivity on the road, even offline.
  • Process Composer – Interactive interface to build customer communication and service journeys and processes.
  • R&D Connect is a digital, cloud-based suite of clinical apps supporting clinical trial execution and monitoring, mobile innovation, and collaboration and project management. This industry offering provides Life Sciences Research and Development organizations the ability to transform their business operations in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.
  • Tracker (Agile Project Management and Delivery) Use Tracker to speed up and help you deliver your project, manage requirements and collaborate dynamically from day one. Tracker is an agile project management and development life-cycle application built on the platform by Deloitte.
Capability Lead
Marcus Riedler
Director Consulting
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SIP - Our SAP Integration Platform

Are you facing the challenge of connecting Salesforce with SAP?

With SIP, we provide you with a state-of-the-art, best practice integration solution to optimally support the overarching processes, such as Prospect2Customer.

Your project can be realized faster – on the one hand through ready-made SAP content in Salesforce, for example customers, contacts, orders, … and on the other hand by a tested, mass data capable, technical integration.


  • All SAP records are now available directly in Salesforce and can be opened within Salesforce
  • With pre-filled values from the current Salesforce record, new SAP records can be easily created
  • With a simple push of a button, Jump2SAP allows you to access the current SAP record directly from Salesforce
  • Available for SAP GUI for Windows


  • Proven to reduce time and costs
  • Easily receive information from SAP directly from Salesforce (e.g. price inquiry, inventory)
  • Call any BAPI / RFC / WebService in SAP (e.g. Service)
  • Experience with various SAP modules (SD, MM, FI, CS, PM, QM, CO, PS, … )
  • Independent extensions are possible by customers or their consultants


  • Rapid application and construction of prototypes with customer data
  • Replicate entities into Salesforce, where SAP ERP or SAP S / 4HANA is single master
  • Supports loading multiple ERP systems / -clients into one Salesforce organization
  • Error handling and monitoring directly in SAP
  • No middleware required – SAP PI /PO can be used. Natively built in SAP (ABAP) and Salesforce (APEX)


  • Immediate integration between SAP and Salesforce
  • Pre-defined integration templates for customers (GP & Classic), material, quotations, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Prospect2Customer processes
  • Real-time interfaces up to data replication
  • Integration of various SAP components (S / 4HANA, ERP, BI, Portal, SAP PI / PO, …) according to customer requirements
  • Available for ERP 6.0 and S/4HANA
  • Jumps directly to SAP increase the user experience and speed in capturing data
  • Seamless monitoring enables the business to independently provide support

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