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One to one customer relationships just got real

Deloitte Digital + Salesforce: One to one customer relationships just got real.


With practitioners in over 30 countries, Deloitte brings deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience, and Salesforce know-how. Deloitte’s network of member firms have delivered some of the most inventive and complex projects around the world.



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Sales Cloud

Technology is pushing customer expectations to all-time highs, and sales organisations into uncharted territory. Accountable for quotas — but also for customer success — salespeople have far greater mandates than before. How are sales organizations coping? New data-driven approaches to sales, increasingly underpinned by AI, are emerging in tandem with big changes spanning customer engagement, staffing models, and cross-functional collaboration.


“Find customers, close deals faster, and grow accounts. The path to success starts here.”

The Sales Cloud is a CRM platform that enables you to manage your organization’s sales, marketing and customer support facets. If your company is engaged in business-to- business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C), then sales cloud is the service your sales team needs.

Sales cloud lets you build artificial intelligence right into the sales process. Automatically capture data and get instant insights, such as top leads, next steps, and suggested actions. Key features include:


• Help reps sell smarter with an AI-powered sales platform.
• Accelerate productivity with a flexible user experience.
• Personalize the customer experience with a 360-degree view.
• Close more deals anytime, anywhere.
• Optimize the quote-to-cash process.



Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for

  • Lead Management
    Our specialists help you track your leads from click to close, while continually optimising your campaigns across all channels.
  • Account and Contact Management
    We implement Sales Cloud so you get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.
  • Opportunity Management
    We organize your Opportunity Management and you get a complete view of your team’s deals. See stage, products, competition, quotes, and more so that you close every sale.
  • Mobile Sales
    The Deloitte Digital Salesforce Practice helps you tailor the Salesforce app to your exact needs together with Salesforce we turn your mobile device into a portable sales office.
  • Workflow and Approvals
    Our experts design and automate any business process to drive your success. Flexible approval processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more help you steer your business seamlessly.
  • Reports and Dashboards
    We are happy to consult you creating dashboards within that provide you with real-time pictures of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create. And access your reports and dashboards from anywhere.
  • Sales Forecasting
    Together with our team we enable you to get a real-time view into your team’s forecasts. Use in-line editing, override visibility, multicurrency support, and more to stay on top of your business.
Capability Lead
Christian Eichhorn MAS MBA
Manager Consulting
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Marketing Cloud

Marketing has entered the age of the customer, where customers have more information, choices, and power than ever before. The customer experience — the culmination of all brand and customer interactions — now matters more than anything. Core business tenets like customer satisfaction are progressively falling under the CMO’s umbrella, expanding the breadth and depth of what marketing means today. At the same time, marketers’ success measures, priorities, and even challenges reflect the rising emphasis on customer experience.

“We help our clients to meet the needs of their target audience, and guide them from browsing to purchase.”

The marketing cloud provides you with one of the world’s most powerful digital marketing platforms. The marketers in your organization can use it to manage customer journey, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, content creation, content management and data analytics. The marketing could solution enables you to build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys, including:

• Be consumer-centric
• Connect every interaction
• Market smarter with AI
• Operate with ease
• Manage B2C or B2B



Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for

  • B2C Journey Management (Journey Builder)
    We help you to Create 1-to-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, ads, and the web so that you are empowered to connect your marketing across commerce, sales, service, and other touchpoints.
  • B2B Marketing Automation (Pardot)
    Our goal is to unite marketing and sales on a single platform for B2B marketing automation, which will stock your pipeline, and use lead nurturing to cultivate high-quality leads.
  • Email Marketing
    Using data from various sources, we assist you in building personalized email campaigns with the world’s #1 email marketing platform.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Listen, publish, and engage with your customers across social. Align social marketing with your marketing, customer service, and sales efforts on Salesforce CRM.
  • Online Advertising
    Let’s work together to activate customer data to power digital advertising and manage campaigns for acquisition, re-engagement, and alignment.
  • Mobile Messaging
    With our expertise you build and automate personalized mobile interactions including SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messaging.
Capability Lead
Marcus Riedler
Director Consulting
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Service Cloud

Organizing customer service still provides the necessary issues for many organizations. Clients expect increasingly faster reaction times, communicate via an increasing number of different channels and, thanks to the rapid developments at the most diverse times, are increasingly looking for mobile contact with service organizations. Social media and online communities play an increasingly important role in the provision of services and the collection and sharing of knowledge. There is a clear trend in which customers increasingly need to find product information.

“Customer Service is everything and anything that touches a customer – directly or indirectly. ”

Joseph Jaffe |founder of Evol8tion


and answers to frequently asked questions without the obligation to contact customer service. Perfect customer service not only provides satisfied customers, but also reduces unnecessary costs for your organization. The Service Cloud is a service platform for your organization’s customer service and support team. It provides features like case tracking and social networking plug-in for conversation and analytics. This not only helps your agents to solve customer problems faster, but also gives your customers access to answers. Using these answers your customers can solve problems on their own. Key functionality includes:

• Close cases faster with the help of AI and automation
• Provide faster, more intelligent self-service.
• Personalize customer care and predict needs.
• Drive service productivity from the call center to the field.


Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for

  • Lightning Service Console
    We use our skills to create an environment which increases your agent’s productivity. Put all the information agents need at their fingertips for a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Case Management
    We support you to resolve cases faster with easy visibility into the full context of all cases and a record of every customer interaction — all on a streamlined dashboard that we set up in a collaborative effort.
  • Workflow & Approvals
    Our specialists help you to customize and automate any customer service or approval process to your business need.
  • Omni-channel Routing
    Deliver smarter service by automatically matching cases to the agent with the best skill set to solve them.
  • Telephony Integration
    We design solutions to integrate with the most popular CTI systems so that you are able to log notes instantly when customers call.
  • Social Customer Service
    Our best practices help you monitor and respond faster to customer posts on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • Automation with Macros
    With the help of Macros we free up your support agents by automating common, repetitive, multi-step tasks to resolve customer issues more efficiently.
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
    Tracking cases and customer information for a 360-degree view of the customer helps you to make informed decisions with real-time reports. We assist you in setting them up.
  • Asset and Order Management
    We guide you in tracking your customers’ assets, orders, support history, and more. in one place.
Capability Lead
Salim Sayimer
Senior Manager Consulting
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Community Cloud

When enough people carry on public discussions and with sufficient human feelings, webs of personal relationships form in cyberspace. These relationships enable customers to look for answers to their needs autonomously. As a result, businesses reduce costs and improve customer happiness.


“Put your customer in the driver’s seat”

For instance, businesses have an increased need to save time while onboarding new partners, whereas partners expect to have well-functioning support systems from the start of the relationship till the payment. Building sustainable communities can help the involved parties simultaneously. The Salesforce Community Cloud transforms the way you engage with partners, customers, and employees:

• Build communities to fit your needs.
• Provide stellar customer service.
• Connect your customers.
• Accelerate your sales channels.
• Drive employee productivity.


Strategy and Platform Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for

  • Business Integration
    We aid you Infusing communities with data from any system, anywhere. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can access and share files.
  • Personalisation
    We configure your system so that community cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content. Recommendations are based on individual interests, needs, and behaviour, inviting deeper community participation.
  • Customisation and Branding
    Deloitte Digital backs you up to customise Community Cloud to reflect your brand and extend your online community experience. Create stunning, simple-to-use environments that are an interactive extension of your brand.
  • Knowledge
    Our professionals help your customers to help themselves and help your agents work smarter, with easy access to articles, FAQ, and the collective wisdom of the community.
  • Case Escalation
    Customers can create cases directly in the community. Cases can also be escalated automatically based on keywords, or if a question goes unanswered. Agents can answer within the community, or privately.
  • Community Management
    With our expertise we preconfigure and customise Lightning dashboards in the community management console which help you measure and analyse metrics, such as adoption and engagement, most popular groups, users, and topics.
  • Sales Automation
    Our professionals help your customers to help themselves and help your agents work smarter, with easy access to articles, FAQ, and the collective wisdom of the community.
  • Data Sharing
    We are happy to connect your partners to your product experts, and adjust sharing settings so that partners access only relevant information to move opportunities through the pipe.
  • Dashboards and Reports
    Track and rank partner performance, share customisable dashboards and reports with partners to ensure alignment with key goals, and easily connect data from any source with Wave Analytics.
Capability Lead
Christian Eichhorn MAS MBA
Manager Consulting
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Field Service, Knowledge & Customer Self Service

Field Service:
Connect your workforce to deliver intelligent and productive onsite service with Field Service Lightning. Optimize your employees schedules and intelligently assign jobs.

  • Create work orders from any case, fast.
    With work orders, you can efficiently track repairs, maintenance, or other work taking place in the field. And work orders are integrated with accounts, contacts, assets, cases, entitlements, and service contracts so you can pull in data across Salesforce.
  • Manage and monitor technicians.
    Dispatcher Console lets you ensure that the right job is assigned and routed to the right mobile employee every time. Immediately see alerts for issues that need attention and take action. Schedule bulk jobs with just one click, and track and monitor the service delivery in real time.
  • Manage complex assets.
    Track information about all of your customers’ products with Advanced Assets. Additionally, you can leverage asset hierarchy to track products made up of several parts all in one view. This makes it easier to identify which parts of an asset need repair faster.
  • Access information from any mobile device.
    Give your mobile employees access to work orders and other key information at their fingertips. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, service technicians can use automated processes to support a full range of field activities. They can even connect to experts and reports from anywhere and access information offline.
  • Schedule and dispatch work, intelligently.
    With Smart Scheduling, you can instantly book service appointments from Lightning Console. It also increases employee productivity by automatically assigning appointments to the right technician based on time, skills, location, and business rules.
  • Monitor performance in real time.
    Salesforce’s real-time reporting and analytics let you tap into business data from multiple systems to know more about your customer. Drill down into data on the fly from any device. And gain visibility into agent, dispatcher, technician, and partner performance from a single platform.

Knowledge Management:
Whether for customer self-service or to enable agents to find the right answer faster, Knowledge is one of the best ways to provide exceptional customer care.

  • Maximize agent productivity.
    With a cloud-based knowledge base embedded right into the console, agents can easily find, access, and deliver the right answers to customers. Sharing knowledge to any channel or device is only one click away. Better still, agents can contribute to the knowledge base to ensure that the best answers are always accessible to the whole team.
  • Help customers help themselves.
    Extend your knowledge base to your service website, whether it’s a secure customer (or partner) portal, part of your public site, or integrated into a public customer community. And to ensure an effortless customer experience, knowledge is accessible from any mobile device.

Customer Self Service:
Build self-service portals and communities for more personalized support, and happier customers.

  • Customer Communities are inherently collaborative
    Customer Communities from Salesforce let community members and support agents contribute questions and crowdsource answers, ensuring that both can quickly find the best solutions. Agents can focus on the most difficult cases and never let a case from the community go unresolved.
  • Communities are easily customisable for your needs
    Easily customize your Customer Community to reflect your brand values and extend your company’s brand experience. Create stunning, simple-to-use environments that make your communities an interactive extension of your brand.
  • Employee Communities give agents and others a bigger toolbox.
    Your agents and other employees can use Employee Communities to crowdsource problems and share solutions that aren’t public facing. Employee Communities can tackle a broad spectrum of needs and easily surface the best solutions.
Capability Lead
Salim Sayimer
Senior Manager Consulting
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