SIP - The SAP Integration Platform (EN)

SIP – The SAP Integration Platform (EN)

The “SAP Integration Platform” (SIP) software developed by Deloitte Digital and snap Consulting is a smart integration solution that optimally supports comprehensive processes between SAP and Salesforce. It is characterized by the process content provided, which means a very fast implementation time and maximum risk minimization. SIP is not just a simple connector between SAP and Salesforce, SIP contains a logic that ensures data transfer in a particularly structured form.

SIP provides a tested, mass-data capable, technical integration that offers ready-made SAP content in Salesforce, e.g. customers, contacts, order; this simplifies the implementation of your project plans and makes them more efficient.

You are able to present your SAP data to your sales department in its own Salesforce Sales Cloud You can offer your users increased usability by automated jumps from Salesforce to SAP. Therefore, you can provide your business department with a detailed, comprehensive data that can be monitored in SAP.

Individual extensions for the SAP modules SD, MM, PS, QM and FI are available with our successfully tested foundation in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

What are the functionalities of SIP?

SIP is a best-practice integration which is characterized by its fast implementation and low risk.

  • Immediate integration between SAP and Salesforce
  • Predefined integration templates for customers (GP & Classic), material, offers, orders, invoices etc.
  • Prospect2Customer Processes
  • Real-time interfaces to data replication
  • Possibility of integration of various SAP components (S/4HANA, ERP, BI, Portal, SAP PI/PO, … ) depending on customer requirements
  • Available for ERP 6.0 and S/4HANA
  • Jumps to increase user experience and speed of acquisition
  • Through seamless monitoring, the specialist department is able to provide independent support
SIP SAP integration
Functional template

  • 80% of typical requirements are covered by the template
  • 20% customer-specific assignment and extensions
  • Initial mapping between SAP and Salesforce objects is already included in the template
Video demo

Why SIP?

SIP is a cost-effective and flexible solution for integrating SAP (ERP or S/4HANA) into Salesforce at the process, data, or user interface level.

User Interface-Integration

  • This means that all SAP data records are now directly available in Salesforce and can be opened within Salesforce
  • Prefilled values from the current Salesforce record can be used to easily create new SAP records
  • With Jump2SAP, the respective SAP data record can be accessed directly from Salesforce with only one click
  • Available for SAP GUI for Windows
Application Logic Integration

  • Proven to reduce time and costs
  • Receive convenient information from SAP, via inquiries directly from Salesforce (e.g. price inquiry, stock level)
  • Call any BAPI/RFC/WebService in SAP (for example, Service)
  • Experience with various SAP modules (SD, MM, FI, CS, PM, QM, CO, PS, … )
  • Independent extension possibilities by customers or their consultants
Data Layer Integration

  • Timely use and construction of prototypes with customer data
  • Replicate entities in Salesforce, where SAP-ERP or SAP S/4HANA is the single master
  • Supports loading multiple ERP systems/clients into a Salesforce organization
  • Error handling and monitoring directly in SAP
  • No middleware required – SAP PI/PO can be used
  • Native implementation in SAP (ABAP) and Salesforce (APEX) SAP-specific content

Monitoring in SAP, Customizing and SAP organizational structures

The SAP ABAP Content supplied with the system enables seamless, efficient and comprehensive monitoring at individual record level. SIP contains predefined SAP organizational structures (WERKS, VKORG, … ) and a generic transfer option of SAP Customizing tables for use in Salesforce.


“SIP – the Best Practice Solution to integrate SAP into Salesforce”.

Katrin Stöckelmayer, Sales Excellence Manager at Greiner Packaging GmbH, presents the integration of SAP in Salesforce and addresses all important questions regarding the process itself.

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