Webinar: See our SAP-Integration ‘SIP’ live in action

February 02 and February 10 at 5 p.m.

The “SAP Integration Platform” (SIP) software developed by Deloitte Digital and snap Consulting is a smart integration solution that optimally supports common processes between S/4HANA / ERP and Salesforce. It is characterized by the process content provided, which means a very fast implementation time and maximum risk minimization. SIP is not just a simple connector between SAP and Salesforce, SIP contains a logic that ensures data synchronization in a pre-defined data structure and at the same time offers increased usability for the user.


SIP Webinar


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Day 1: See our SAP-Integration ‘SIP’ live in action – What can you expect?



This webinar will introduce you to the basic features of SIP. Why SIP should be an option for you, how the implementation works and what benefits you will get from this tool – all this and more you will learn in this webinar:

In a quick overview we will show you the scope of SIP within Salesforce and SAP and briefly highlight the most important topics and benefits. Then we will jump into a live demo, where we will show the principal of SIP, by creating a prospect in Salesforce and transfer the data with one click on a button to SAP.

In SAP we will create the SAP customer and enhance the record with further information. After saving the data in SAP we will transfer the data back to Salesforce, where this prospect, will be transformed into a SAP-Customer, where now further SAP information will be available within the Salesforce System, incl. SAP Sales Areas and much more. We will also show that material data from SAP can be adjusted and transferred into Salesforce Products.


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Day 2: See how easy our SAP-Integration ‘SIP’ can be administrated & extended direct from SAP


The second part of our SIP Webinars gives you a more detailed insight of SIP, where it’s all about, how easy SIP can be extended an administrated.
First think would be, that we will extend SIP with a new Picklist Field to transfer from SAP to Salesforce and how the transformation in SAP needs to be extended. Here we want to intentionally cause an error to point out the error within the SAP Monitoring. After correcting the issue, the SAP Catalog can be transferred, following with the Assignment to the Account record. Now we will jump into Salesforce and we can see that the Account record has received the assignment to the Picklist.

We will explain that we work with Check-Tables and Lookup-Values, since this can be maintained direct from SAP. In the next run, we will add two more Picklist Values and will see that also this will be transferred in real time. We will now switch Salesforce to German, to see that also the Translations can be maintained from SAP and transferred to Salesforce. With the last refresh we see that the previous Account now has the assigned Value, but now showing in the translated German value. 

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The SIP Framework visualised



If you want to get to know these topics first-hand through a practical insight, this webinar is THE opportunity to do so. We are looking forward to see you!


Date & Registration


Date: Feb. 02 and Feb 10 –  5 PM (CET) / 11 AM  (EST) / 8 AM (PST)  

Place: Online (Webinar)


Christian Eichhorn, Manager, Deloitte Digital Austria

Christian Essl, SAP Consultant, SNAP Consulting

Moderator: Elisa Lettner, Consultant, Deloitte Digital Austria




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Christian Eichhorn

Christian Eichhorn is manager at Deloitte Digital Austria. He currently leads the Customer Success & Product Management team with whom he has developed SIP and many other applications. Working since more than 10 years in the CRM sector, he can draw on an exceptional wide range of experience.



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